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Close to 4 decades today, AMK Nonya Kueh is a hidden gem served with delicious traditional Chinese and Malay snacks that are mostly homemade. Starting off with only ‘ang ku kueh’, a traditional Chinese red tortoise cake, they are now in their third generation owned by Yang Ying. Yang Ying's paternal grandparents are Teochew who made Teochew kuehs for a living. His maternal grandparents are from Batam who also made Malay and Nonya Kuehs for a living.

There's a wide range of both sweet and savoury traditional Teochew/Hokkien/Nonya/Malay Kuehs and biscuits as well in the shop. At AMK Nonya Kueh, the filling is made by blending two types of gula melaka - one from Indonesia and the other from Malaysia. Both are sweet but in a slightly different way. The best part of it all? Their homemade premium Nonya Kuehs come with a springy texture, which does not stick to your teeth and gums.

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Nonya Kueh is a broad term housing various delicacies. Be it sweet or savory, our treats are not only delicious but eye-catching as well. We aim to serve you premium kuehs made with only the finest ingredients, prepared daily.


We aim to revolutionize traditional Nonya Kueh that has been passed down for many generations by our ancestors. With the magnitude of dessert types arising, we often forget to enjoy our own cultural food. As we sweep away from our own traditions over time, we hope to bring the traditional kueh to the next level. By merging with the modern era, traditional kueh can be a trendy snack or dessert dish too. Our vision is for youths to view Nonya Kueh as their first choice of dessert while spending time with their family and friends.

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Our kuehs are made daily with the finest ingredients to bring you a uniquely delicious experience.